Greenmarket Grub

It’s all so clear to me now.

Why people started buying their fruits and vegetables from the nice, shiny, sanitary grocery store:


Never has the category “Greenmarket Grub” seemed so apt. I found this dude (and family? what the hell are those little black spots?) in my peaches. Not that it’s going to stop me from from buying food at the Greenmarket in any way, but let’s just say, I’m off peaches for a while.


Yeah. All set with peaches, thanks.


  • Ethan

    It’s caterpillar poop. Believe it or not, they are quite prolific in that category.

    I caught a fuzzy caterpillar in a jar recently and the next morning the jar had quite a few “deposits”. My wife used this information to track down a tomato worm.. she followed the trail and ta-da!

    So uh, yeah… wash that produce.

  • SRW

    That caterpillar made a lucky escape. Last one in my box of veggies got a stir frying. Felt pretty bad about that :(

  • Sorghum Crow

    That’s it? Brush that critter and its leavings off and rejoice that whatever toxins are on your peach aren’t potent enough to kill a caterpillar.

    (BTW, I used to work in restaurants in my younger days. When the topic of dropped food came up, one boss told me, “Don’t serve anything you wouldn’t eat.”
    I told him he might be telling that to the wrong person.