A $6 pear?

You’re lookin’ at it.

Now that I’ve hooked you in with the headline, let me explain.

It’s an Asaju pear from Subarashii Kudamono (who have selected the far-easier-to-spell URL of wonderfulfruit.com). I was contacted by their company ages ago to see if I wanted a box of these pears and, being constitutionally unable to refuse free food, I dutifully handed over my street address.

I had pretty much forgotten all about it until this arrived.

It’s five pounds of pears, and how many actually pears is five pounds?

FIVE. These pears are massive. We split one between the three of us here and it was plenty. I didn’t get a photo of the flesh inside, but it’s creamy, translucent white and unbelievably juicy. There’s a very granular mouthfeel to the flesh too — halfway between the sandy graininess of a Bosc pear and the big pearly granularity of a watermelon.

I got about halfway through the first pear before I could figure out what the taste reminded me of. It’s extremely sweet, almost wine-like, with the usual apple/pear combination of an asian pear, and after some deliberation, I figured out the third note in there: star fruit. Seriously. I’ve never eaten anything like this pear.

The downside? Well, there’s the price tag. Five pounds will run you $30 — before shipping (giving us the titular $6 pear). Obviously these pears aren’t going to become a part of your 3-to-5-fruit-and-veg-a-day, but it ends up costing about as much a decent bouquet of flowers (and they do offer some deals on shipping, so check the site) — I think I’d send these instead. Flowers just end up in the dump a week later, and these, at least, will leave your recipient saying, “What is that taste? Star fruit?”

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