Paperless magazines — free!

img.gifMy not-so-secret eco-shame: I am a magazine addict.

I give the excuse that, oh, as writers, my husband and I need them to see who’s writing about what, but mostly? I just really love magazines. Eff you, trees! I need to read about ‘Stars Without Makeup!’ and ‘Brady Bunch Bombshell!’ (I also read The Economist but their headlines are rubbish.)

Anyway, a new site called The Read Green Initiative is offering access to an environmentally-friendly way of enjoying favorite magazines by offering a free one-year subscription to a bunch of magazines, like Vegetarian Times and Saveur.

And unlike paper magazines, the digital versions are completely searchable (something I have wished for so often when flipping through old copies of Everyday Food for that one Brussels sprouts with bacon recipe I thought I saw one time). I also like that clicking on an article title in the index takes you directly to the article (instead of thumbing through the magazine, muttering ‘one-thirty-six, one-thirty-six, one-thirrrrrrrty-siiiiiiiix’).

The downside: none of the magazines offered are covering ‘Jamie Lynn’s Web of Lies!’ so I guess I’ll keep supporting tree-killers until then.

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4 thoughts on “Paperless magazines — free!

  1. You may be able to read about Jamie Lyn’s lies in Penthouse though…eeeehhhgggg.
    I have a subscription to Dwell through Zinio, I (heart) reading it that way.
    Thanks for the info on the Initiative!

  2. Fellow magazine addict here. The online stuff is great, particularly the ability to search, but there’s still something about crisp, glossy paper that I hate to think I’ll ever have to give up.

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