Feast or famine.

worried ladyThe overriding theme of a freelance household is often just that — feast or famine — and right now we’re in the latter. Monetary, not literal famine, of course, seeing as we live in Manhattan and not Equatorial Guinea.

Anyway, recently, my food goal is just to get us fed, as cheaply as possible, while sacrificing as few principles as I can. So, a lot of dried beans, organic milk if I can find it at Target, but FreshDirect thinks I’ve moved to Jersey.

Overall, it does not make for an interesting or inspiring food blog, let me tell you.

And frankly? It’s more than a little depressing.

Yeah, fine, it’s just a lean time and the easiest budget to cut is food, lots of people have lives so much worse than mine, people in third-world countries would weep with joy to have my quote-unquote problems, I should be grateful, blah blah blah… but y’know what? I miss buying and preparing food I actually looked forward to. I’m tired of well, I guess I can make do with what I have on hand meals. I miss eating cheese that actually tastes like something. And, sweet fancy Moses, am I tired of finding new ways to cook beans.

And then I remember the first part of that paragraph and feel like a sad, whiny jerk.

(Wow, I think I can actually hear myself losing readers with this post.)

Anyway, yeah, not a lot of interesting cooking- or recipe-related content these days for gezellig-girl.com.

But hey, that 38% of you who picked “gezellig*girl’s life” from the “What subjects do you want hear more about?” poll?

You are so in luck.

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4 thoughts on “Feast or famine.

  1. You know, hearing about how you’re doing your very best to feed your family healthy meals on the cheap *is* really interesting. I think a lot of us are in the same situation. Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on once-a-month cooking so that I can best take advantage of sale prices and buying bulk.

  2. Tomorrow after voting, you can get a free Krispy Kreme donut, free coffee from Starbucks, free scoop from Ben and Jerrys and a silver bullet from Babeland.

    How quickly famine has turned into feast. You’ve got two meals and entertainment. FOR FREE. Wooweeeeeee

  3. i totally agree that this ‘eating on a budget’ thing can get tough… esp. if you live in nyc. if i had kids to feed and a spending habit i’d be having a hard time w/ this recession. but we rarely eat out and we love to cook, but only for 2 people. i give you credit for finding new ways to make beans!

    but let’s be honest… beans fucking suck (unless they’ve been cooked in duck fat).

  4. I just chucked out an entire batch of beans that we hardly even touched.

    I didn’t like it because I tried using smoked turkey drumsticks instead of a ham hock and it tasted like… turkey. Blech. My husband didn’t eat it because some of the bone had chipped off into the beans and bone pieces are his one food freak-out. The kid ate one tiny bowl then turned down the rest.

    It sat for a week, then unto the trash it went.

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