In which there is a Birthday and a Surprising Gift.

Last week, whenever my birthday plans came up, my husband alluded to us going somewhere where I would pick something out. He had already made at least two trips to said place, it having been closed the first time he stopped by. All I knew was that it was somewhere fairly far downtown and I needed to go later in the day because I was picking out something I couldn’t take with me to the art museum (which was my big birthday plan). And, I was told, I would really like it.

The day before my birthday found me elbow-deep in self-pity, lamenting the loss of real cheese from my life and generally feeling sorry for myself.

My husband announced I needed cheering up and needed to open a birthday gift early.

I refused and insisted I was fine.

The conversation turned to tomorrow’s birthday plans and I said I would, actually, like to know about this mysterious somewhere-to-pick-something-out part of the itinerary.

Could my husband give me a hint without giving it away? No.

Did I want him to just tell me what it was so I would have time to think about what I wanted to pick out at said place? Well, okay.

He fished around in the cabinet I had been expressly forbidden to look in, brought out a small red envelope, and handed it to me. I was a little surprised: gift cards aren’t usually my husband’s style.

Then I opened it.

happy birthday to me

“Oh, and there’s something else,” he said and handed me a slim book: The Murray’s Cheese Handbook: A Guide to More Than 300 of the World’s Best Cheeses.

“I knew this was something you’d really love and that you would never think of buying for yourself,” my husband said.

And so, on my birthday, I made a trip to New York’s oldest cheese shop, tried hard not to gape in wonder, and picked up a wedge of double-cream brie and a piece of extremely stinky raclette.

What can I say? Some women hope their husbands buy them flowers; some, jewelry. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to have a husband who knows to buy me cheese for my birthday.

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9 thoughts on “In which there is a Birthday and a Surprising Gift.

  1. OH! Someday, I hope to marry a man so thoughtful!

    Lucky girl! And happy pre-birthday!

    Mine is next week. Seems a lot of bloggers in my Bloglines have birthdays right around mine. No wonder I like the authors so much!

  2. Last time my birthday was a presidential day? 1980. I was 6 and I loved Jimmy Carter and his folksiness and his pearl-button snap shirts… I was so sad when he wasn’t the president anymore.

  3. Hey Kristen – We met ages and ages ago, at an LJ knitters meetup thingy in Rock Center…anyhow…

    I love getting cheese as a present! That’s fantastic.

  4. I remember – you were the one who lived within sight of FreshDirect but couldn’t get them to deliver to you, right? (I swear, not all my memories of people revolve around food.)

  5. Hey Kristen – Would you believe I’m only checking to see if you noticed my comment.. NOW…


    How are you? Things here are good. Damn good – we live far and away from LIC now, in Jackson Heights, one of the culinary epicenters of NYC..

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