Behind the scenes: 4 posts that didn’t make the director’s cut.

Sometimes, when things get busy, I start writing a post then abandon it, often forgetting what my point was going to be in the first place. Today, I’m cleaning out the drafts folder and compiling them all here:

Draft 1: Quest for borscht
As a kid, I was fascinated with borscht

Wow. Do I know how to write a fucking lede or what? Who wouldn’t want to know more after a first line as great as that? I love that I didn’t even bother to finish punctuating the sentence. Basically, I was going to talk about how I thought borscht was so weird as a kid (it’s served cold, it’s made from beets, it’s Russian and therefore vaguely sinister to me circa 1984). And then, in 2000, at my soon-to-be husband’s urging, I tried the borscht at Zaftig’s in Brookline, Mass. — it was (and still is) absolutely amazing and I’ve spent years trying to duplicate it.

Draft 2: Window(s) shopping.
srsly?“In 2005, three university students came up with the concept of mymuesli – the first platform worldwide where you can mix your own organic muesli online, with a choice of 75 different ingredients. This makes it possible to create 566 quadrillion individual muesli mixes – and you can even name your own muesli.”

For reals? Custom muesli? I don’t know; maybe this is another weird English thing whose appeal I’ll never grasp (like Christmas pantomimes or Robbie Williams) — but was the world really crying out for the ability to have someone make your own muesli for you and then mail it to you?

Yeah. I was (and still am) so stupefied by the idea of overpriced, custom-blended muesli that I just threw up my hands and went to have a lie-down.

Draft 3: Being organic vs. being cheap
I finished the cabled scarf I’d been working on and I’ve moved on to a sweater. Years of working at a computer have left me with a crackly right wrist, making me a fairly slow knitter. Basically, I’m hoping to have it done by fall.

Anyway. now I’m thinking of what to make next. I like the idea of making one of these dishcloths. They’re super cute — a hell of a lot cuter than the ratty dishcloths I use to wipe up the kitchen with now — they knit up fast, and I like the idea of knitting something that’s useful instead of just nice to look at.

So why haven’t I started knitting it yet? Because conventional cotton is the devil. Fifty-five million pounds of pesticide and over two billion pounds of synthetic fertilizer are dumped on American cotton fields every year, according to the USDA.

I think I was going to wind that one up with a big discussion on the evils of conventionally-grown cotton but then I realized I was even boring myself just by writing it.

Draft 4: Good riddance, Bennigan’s?
Last week, national chains Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale closed their doors and will be filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Okay, this one might have actually been interesting. My thesis was going to be: yes, it sucks that people lost their jobs, but American palate was not going to be any poorer because there’s one less place they can buy jalapeño poppers and loaded potato skins. And, in fact, the closing of this chain could prove to be a benefit to food lovers as mom-and-pop places, often ethnic, take over the old Bennigan’s buildings. I planned to use the example of the first Vietnamese restaurant I’d ever been to — in what had been a chain restaurant (I forget which now) in Pensacola, Florida and how place like that have a chance to open.

Well, there we have it. Three boring and/or lame posts and maybe one that could have been okay if I worked on it a bit longer. Writing crap: not as easy at it looks.

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  1. If I remember right from the NYTimes article at the time, people basically showed up for work one day and found a note on the door: O HAI OUT OF BIZNESS L8R


    I’d recognize that writing style anywhere – can it be that you’ve succumbed to the lure of


  3. LOLObama?! Too freakin’ funny.

    We’re so addicted we actually speak LOL to each other, especially when we talk to the dog and cat. It’s sad – and yet terribly funny (at least to us).

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