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I have a pathological aversion to wasting food. I realized I had a problem the day I made some completely vile zucchini pancakes (I don’t like zucchini and my pancake skills are rubbish — what was I thinking that day?) and yet I still packed the leftovers and tucked them into the fridge. I like to think I started composting because I’m single-handedly saving the environment but really it’s because it allows me to sleep at night after I need to toss out old salad mix that went skanky.

Therefore, I am so indebted to Gerda for posting about this website:

Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate WasteEvery year in the UK we throw away a staggering one third of all the food we buy. Love Food Hate Waste – a campaign from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) – highlights the fact that wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change. And the most frustrating thing is that most of what we throw away could have been eaten – it’s not just peelings, teabags and bones. The Love Food Hate Waste website provides delicious recipes to make the most of the food in our fruit bowl, fridge and cupboards, handy hints for storing food, surprising facts on what can be frozen and much more… there is something for everyone, whether you are a keen cook and organiser or more spontaneous. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for more ways to love food and reduce our food waste.

The information is UK-centric, so some of the ingredients and measurements need some translation, but the recipes and tips are enough to keep me reading for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Love Food Hate Waste

  1. It baffles me how much food I waste now compared to the house I grew up in. Something about having someone else kill it and clean it a thousand miles away makes the bits less precious.

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