Happy Twenty-Aught-Nine

New Year’s Resolutions
If you’ve been following along for some time, you know I love New Year’s resolutions. Love them. Probably because I love lists (as seen here, here, and here).

In 2007, I completed 4 out of 5 of my food-related resolutions (and only skipped the 5th one — to make more bento lunches — because my husband started working from home).

So how did I do with 2008?

Uh, 2008… was not so great. Here’s what I had on my list:

Buy only humanely raised meat. I did buy humanely raised meat, but not the exclusion of all other meats (my Easter ham and this Thanksgiving’s turkey spring to mind). I certainly bought less meat in 2008 than any other non-vegetarian year, which leads me to…

Cook more vegetarian meals. Definitely did this, simply because the price of all meat (humane or not) rose so sharply during the year.

Make jam. Yeah, I pretty much forgot this one was even on here. Whoops.

Paint my kitchen yellow. Still haven’t done this one, but we did paint the bathroom with that low-VOC paint I talked about. (It was delightful, by the way. Absolutely beautiful color, went on nicely, and almost no smell at all.)

Plant a windowbox garden so I can grow all my own herbs. This idea just never really panned out. First, I couldn’t decide which herbs to get. Then, I’d be at the greenmarket thinking, well, for $2 I can get this huge bunch of basil that will make a big batch of pesto… or for $8, I can buy this dinky basil plant that I will probably kill…

Bake more often. Definitely did this one. Baked a lot of yeast breads and muffins this year. Nothing too spectacular; just this and that.

Use less water. I am using less water, but I still feel like I could still use even less. Let’s call it done, just for the sake of this post.

Explore more of my city. Although this one could never really be done, I did explore more of NYC. I went to new places both far away (Flushing and Elmhurst in Queens) and nearby (the public pool and Ft. Tryon Park in my neighborhood).

So, in all, I did 4 of 8 things. Not really as great as 2007, but then again, was ANYONE’s 2008 as good as the year before?

Here’s my 2009 list:

Overall, I’ve got a much smaller list than last year. I’m carrying over some of the ones I didn’t get done last year, including make jam and paint my kitchen yellow. I think I’m keeping bake more often on my list for now too, just as a reminder to, well, bake more often.

New to the list this year are the self-explanatory goals of learn to make really good pancakes and use less plastic (actual plastic, not credit cards).

Last on the list for 2009 is eat 10 foods I think I don’t like. For years, I thought I hated orange marmalade when it really turned out I just hated crappy marmalade and the good stuff is quite enjoyable. Here’s the ten:

1. raw fatty tuna
2. watermelon
3. avocado
4. water chestnuts
5. fish roe
6. crab
7. radishes
8. meringue
9. pecans
10. espresso

The top five are foods whose texture I don’t like. (I really have some texture issues with food. The time tried fatty tuna, I visibly gagged — right in front of the sushi chef.) The bottom five are foods that I’ve eaten before and didn’t like but am willing to give them a second chance.

And now: you. What are you doing this year?

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  1. The first draft of this post had something like “and I bet Kate will be able to help me out with #10” originally. Let me know if there’s something you want to do/see/eat this time around!

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