Using even less plastic.

I was going to tack this on to the last entry about using less plastic, but it would have felt, well, tacked on and this product is cool enough to warrant its own entry:


So long plastic utensils; hello cute bamboo ones in their own little recycled-plastic carrying case from To-Go Ware. (Yeah, fine, you could be doing the same thing with a set of utensils from your own kitchen drawer, but where is the cute in that?)

My husband and I each got a set as a gift just after the holidays. I’ve used mine a half-dozen times so far — the bowl of the spoon is maybe not deep enough for soup, but the knife is about as good as a plastic one and the fork is considerably better. Best of all though, the satisfaction of wiping it off and using it again later. After washing it, of course. Because otherwise, um, ew?

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3 thoughts on “Using even less plastic.

  1. Gorgeous!
    My resolutions: Buy/make cloth handkerchiefs instead of using Kleenex and acquire more glass storage containers.

  2. Wow, this is really cute. I want to have it, too! :)

    Btw, how did you come up with the word ‘gezellig’? When I saw the url on 43things, I was sure to find someone from the Netherlands :)

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