A rant, of a sort.

I passed by this sign Sunday afternoon, while I was walking around my neighborhood.


This sign has virtually ensured that I’ll never go there.


Look, if you’re “upscale” enough to offer a prix fixe dinner, then learn how to spell it (along with “relish” and “dinner,” for that matter).

But beyond my own grammatical bitchiness, I have to ask — if no one is paying attention to the details of your very public ads outside, why should ever I think your restaurant will be any better inside?

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12 thoughts on “A rant, of a sort.

  1. Bet I scared the neighbours with the high peals of laughter that ensued when I read this post and saw the photo. I’m all for grammatical bitchiness, especially when people are just asking for it!
    I’m glad to have found this blog (courtesy my friend Steve who is a regular reader). Love it! In re the post…I’d have a hard time eating here too…some might consider it irrational …but then hey, I don’t question their need to not have their food touching on a plate!

  2. Kristen – I meant to take a picture before we left on Saturday – but there’s a sign for a “THEATER WORKSHOP POGRAM” outside the theater I’m taking pictures at next week that makes the sign from the restaurant look like the OED. Stay tuned.

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