I’d say “I have an apology to make” but he was always kind of a jerk.

Many years ago, I had a boyfriend who decided he wanted a pet cat. One weekend, we went out to the pet store (despite my insistence he adopt a shelter animal) where he bought two kittens and all the gear they needed. We brought them back to his house, fed them, let them sniff everything, and then I went home.

Around midnight, my phone rang. It was this boyfriend, freaking out over the idea that he was now responsible for two small animals who were completely dependent on him for their happiness and well-being. I talked him down from his panic, he got used to the idea, and now, as far as I know, the two cats — Frida and Monkey — live with him still.

At the time, I thought it was hilarious: a grown man going to pieces over a couple of wee kittens. Or at least, I thought it was funny until I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s annual plant sale (which was quite lovely and you can see more photos in this in this Flickr set) and came home with two wee seedlings, a tomato plant and a bean plant.

they have no idea of the near-certain death they await

I think I’ll call them Frida and Monkey.

I can’t explain quite why, but I am completely unnerved by the idea of growing these two plants. I’ve had loads of houseplants (most of which lived). I think it’s the idea that these plants have a purpose beyond just looking good — and I’m afraid I’m going to bollix it up but good.

So. Tell me everything you think I need to know about growing a tomato or bean plant in a container. Talk me down here, people. There’s two little planty lives hanging in the balance.

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2 thoughts on “I’d say “I have an apology to make” but he was always kind of a jerk.

  1. Awww, deep soothing breath. I’m right there with you, although I switched from pots to a lil patch of garden this year and I totally f-ed it up right out of the gate by planting tomatoes on the outside and spinach in the middle (so that the stupid spinach will got ZERO sun once the tomatoes grow – frickin’ a).

    What kind of tomato plant are you growing? Big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes? It makes only a little bit of difference, but you’d going to want a big pot (as big as you get, try for 2 ft diameter) either way and put the good compost/fertilizer at the bottom with the potting soil on top. As soon as the roots get to the fertilizer, they’ll go crazy (in the good way).

  2. I’ve got an Early Girl (about tennis-ball size) tomato and a Blue Lake Bush bean plant. I’m going to try to find a 5 gallon container for the tomato, and possibly another for the beans if I have enough room on the fire escape.

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