Perhaps I am suffering some sort of rain-induced dementia.

For those of you not living on the eastern coast of the US, here’s what you’re missing out on: rain. Rain, more rain, cloudiness, then some downpours, followed by a 30-minute window of sun where you shout, “Holy shit, I see the sun! GET YOUR SHOES ON EVERYONE!” which will immediately be followed by more rain. It’s been going on like this for weeks now — or at least I think it’s been weeks, as without any sun, I have lost any sense of time. (It’s still May, right? Memorial Day soon?)

While I’ve been stuck indoors, fretting over my fire escape plants and hoping an average of 12 minutes’ sun a day will keep everything alive, I stumbled upon this website for Window Farms — “vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield, edible window gardens, built using low-impact or recycled local materials.”

Here’s the basic idea:

I seriously cannot stop thinking about this. I’m fairly sure it’s completely insane for me to think about building one of these — as I have zero DIY abilities and don’t even own a drill — but COME ON. How frigging cool is that thing? The prototype is growing tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cucumber, okra, basil, arugula and peppers. Okay, okra is kind of gross, but fresh basil! In the middle of winter! How could you not want that?

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3 thoughts on “Perhaps I am suffering some sort of rain-induced dementia.

  1. Those PET water bottles can’t last long in sitting the sun all day. A version made out of glass coke/milk/vodka bottles would look better, though they would require significant DIY-Fu.

  2. Hi,
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  3. This is freaking awesome. If you are really tempted, I will gladly loan you my drill. It’s technically my boyfriend’s drill, but it’s been sitting in our closet all year next to the as-yet un-hung ceiling fan and the supposed to be dangling over the dining table west elm shell lamp, so I’m fairly certain he won’t miss it.

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