Fire Escape Gardening : early July

first harvest

Although that photo is of the very first bean harvest (in its entirety), there have been several others — all of which yielded the same amount. Oh! And this one time? I got two beans at the same time. DOUBLE HARVEST.

Yeah. So far, not really worth making my husband lug home 20 pounds of soil home on the subway.

But! My tomato plant (which is now nearly twice as big as the last time we saw it) is covered in little yellow flowers and even some tiny green tomatoes. If even half the flowers become edible tomatoes, I think this will all have been worth it.


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2 thoughts on “Fire Escape Gardening : early July

  1. Awesome. Gardening is always worth it! I know how you feel. I got two snap peas the other day and none since, but the plants are loaded with blossoms.

    The sadder thing is, the tomato plants that came up on their own (the few I wasn’t able to bear pulling up) are way more blossomy than my real, late tomatoes.

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