Maybe they’re zombie tomatoes?

Well. Last week was a little crazy.

I got all caught up in this Whole Foods boycott, working on their new blog, and reading something like 50+ strategy emails a day.

The clincher came on Thursday night when I came home from going out to get a tamarind ice (my new favorite thing; I think 2009 will be known as The Summer I Ate Anything Frozen and Tamarind) and found a voicemail from Fox News asking if I would go on their pro- versus anti-boycott Q&A panel. (I declined.)

Add to this ridiculousness a sick kid, then a sick spouse, and then getting sick myself and you can guess throwing out my seemingly dead tomato plant has was last thing on my mind.

Good thing I didn’t. Look here — tiny new baby tomatoes:

new baby tomatoes?!

And ripe-looking ones, too…

and ripe tomatoes?!

Well, okay, sure — they LOOK good on top…

Looks good, but...?

…but surely it has blossom end rot like all the others that looked ripe?


HOLY HELL AN EDIBLE TOMATO. Look at the flash reflect off that perfect, unblemished skin!

So I ate it. It was not the greatest tomato — a little tart, maybe a bit unripe — but I ate it.

Tomato has died, tomato is risen… tomato will come again? Sacrilicious!

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6 thoughts on “Maybe they’re zombie tomatoes?

  1. Isn’t this the same tomato plant to whom you said “Bite me,” or “Up yours,” or something? Clearly you made an impression.
    For both dinner last night and breakfast this morning I’ve melted Cheddar on a whole grain tortilla and then put sliced fresh tomatoes on top. Lawks-a-mercy, it’s good.

  2. Of course, now I’m completely paranoid about doing ANYTHING to this plant ever again. Do I water it? Do I not? Should I cut off the dead branches? Should I even touch it at all?

  3. I think you should say to it, “You’re dead to me! Dead!” and ignore it entirely except to pick fruit off of it. Perhaps it’s a submissive tomato plant.

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