Photo Friday: Washington Heights Dinner

washington heights dinner

Avocado from a guy selling them two-for-$1 out of crates on Broadway
Tomatillo and cilantro from the 175th Street Greenmarket
Queso blanco from the new Mexican greengrocer on St. Nicholas Ave.
Limes from a street vendor on W181st Street
Black beans from Key Food near W187th

Halve avocados and scoop out some but not all of their flesh. Roughly chop and toss with black beans, queso blanco, cilantro, chopped tomatillos and lime juice. Serve in the meaty avocado shells.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Washington Heights Dinner

  1. Katie: St. Nicholas near… 187th-ish? It’s on the southwest corner of the intersection, green awning, says Four Star on it —— might be 188th, actually. It’s not that big, and there are several other stores nearby with much bigger selections of Mexican produce/groceries, but the guy behind counter at Four Star is really nice.

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