On the bright side, hey – free shipping!

Last week, I got an email from Old Orchard Juice, introducing their newest juice, a Montmorency tart cherry juice they’re calling Very Cherre.

very cherre

This 100% cherry juice has almost double the antioxidants of 100% pomegranate juice, and oddly enough, about 3mg of natural melatonin (which makes me wonder if that wouldn’t just make you nod off at your desk but whatever).

Well, so far, so good. I mean, who doesn’t love cherries and antioxidants are good, right?

Shall we buy some?

$10 juice?!

Pardon me a moment while I channel my inner John McEnroe: YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS.

Eleven ounces of juice for ten dollars? Ten American dollars? Does it induce some sort of dizzying high when you drink it? I mean, it is just juice, right? And this is still 2009, right?

I… just… what are people thinking?

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3 thoughts on “On the bright side, hey – free shipping!

  1. Wow….not cheap! Depends on what you plan to do with it…and how many things you can do, cause 1 bottle of antioxidants won’t last long so….

    You could attempt it for the ‘newness’ of it,and see if it does make you sing and dance in spaghetti straps along the paths of Central Park….

  2. Hello, I am glad to announce that we have gained pretty decent distribution in NY including Zabar’s and The Gourmet Garage, the retail is a much more reasonable $3.49/bottle. A complete list of NY retail locations is avilable on our site.

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