Goodbye, 2009; Hello, 2010

I genuinely cannot get used to writing 2010 as being a real, actual year we are all living in and not some fantastical made up date in the future where we will all have robot servants and jet-packs. Even without flying cars, 2010 has to be better than the rubbish year that was 2009, am I right?

Looking back at the list of resolutions I made for 2009 (which is one of the downsides of having a blog; you can always go back and see your great pronouncements for the new year and then realize you didn’t do any of them), I realize at least most of resolutions worked out, even if some of my other plans for the year did not.

Granted, I didn’t learn to make jam (too messy and costly) or paint the kitchen (ditto) yet, but I did do the following:
reuse plastic containers
— find a place to recycle the plastic NYC doesn’t take
use less plastic when I’m out and about
— came to like avocado
— learned to make good pancakes (more on that later this week)

I’m not making a big list of resolutions for this year (and only one food-related one: go to the greenmarket more often), and perhaps I will look back on this post in January 2011 and laugh bitterly because I had no idea what a crap year was in store for me, but right now, I’m feeling pretty good about 2010.

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One thought on “Goodbye, 2009; Hello, 2010

  1. So, flying cars would, what? Carry a few (or a lot for big models) of people directly from one place to another by air routes, landing at specific spots designated for them (maybe sometimes on roofs), be able to hover AND fly, probably start out being available primarily to the rich and government, enable people to reach places more directly or more quickly than ground cars, maybe make some places accessible that aren’t by normal ground means….

    Hon, as I keep telling my husband, we already HAVE flying cars – they’re just called “helicopters.” :)

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