In which I have hopefully triumphed over February.

lemon-garlic lamb with yogurt sauce

I don’t want to jinx anything, as there are still 10 days left (including today), but I think I have just about beaten this whole February business. And I know this because I made lemon-garlic lamb chops with yogurt sauce last night.

Dinners this month have been okay, if a bit perfunctory (with the notable exception of these tacos which have recently made their way into my regular rotation). But these lamb chops… not only did I want to make them, I got it together to actually make them, which surprised even me.

It also added to my sense of triumph that this recipe was not only easy (marinate + cook = done) and cheap (shoulder blade chop are pretty economical to begin with and they were on sale last week) but also oh-my-frigging-god good. I honestly had my doubts about lemony red meat paired with tangy yogurt, but wow, it all really works together. The creaminess of the yogurt blunts the citrus of the meat so it’s not overpowering, plus the garlicky note… it’s brilliant.

So… yeah. I’m not quite willing to shout “I’m back, baby!” just yet, but I am thinking it. Quietly. So the February won’t hear it.

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