Maybe I have spring fever…

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Because I really don’t know how else to explain the worst case of writer’s block I have ever frigging had in over three years of writing this blog. Usually when I find I can’t write much, it’s almost always the middle of winter and not only can I not write, I can’t do much else either. But not this time! I’ve been doing and/or cooking plenty of stuff I feel like I could write about, but nothing wants to come out. For example:

I made my grandmother’s traditional boiled dinner and then made the leftovers into Indonesian-style fried rice (which was fantastic and made me realize that, like Thanksgiving, this is one of those meals that I like leftovers more than the traditional meal).

I made a St. Patrick’s Day pilgrimage out to the Bronx to find one of the only McDonald’s in the five boroughs that offers Shamrock Shakes. (OMG totally worth the trip.)

I went to Chinatown and bought banana freaking ketchup, for frig’s sake!

ANY OF THOSE THINGS could have been turned into a blog post — and yet I just couldn’t manage it. (Well, I guess I could still write about the banana ketchup because I think that’s going to be sitting in my fridge for quite some time.) Well, hopefully this post about nothing will act as a dam-breaker and I can get back into the flow writing regularly.

Because you totally want to know about that banana ketchup now, am I right?

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