Urban Gardening, Year 2

forget-me-not seedlings

I’m taking what I learned last year and putting it to good use. Definitely not going to try grow vegetables again, because they need more sun than my fire escape gets. Instead I have four different herbs (lemon balm, spearmint, borage, and parsley) and two flowers my kid picked (Chinese forget-me-nots and Empress of India nasturtiums), all of which are suited for partial shade.

The herb seeds came from Planet Natural , who I really recommend. They have a great selection of heirloom and organic seeds with free shipping when you order just $10 of seeds.

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One thought on “Urban Gardening, Year 2

  1. Sounds very cool, Kristen! Most of our tiny garden grows in pots too. If you’ve got anymore room on the fire escape, rosemary also does pretty well in pots and is pretty darned delicious.

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