Photo Friday: Cremas Galore

cremas galore

I’m a little obsessed with the different varieties of crema you can get in my neighborhood. In the past couple years I’ve lived here, there’s been a subtle shift in the population — Dominicans, once the overwhelming population of the neighborhood, seem to be gradually moving out, while more people from Mexico and Central America move in, which is reflected in the products for sale in the small supermarkets here. I think the Crema SalvadoreƱa is my favorite so far: so thick as to be almost butter-like but with a fantastic sour creamy tang.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cremas Galore

  1. I’ve seen it around here, but I don’t know what to do with it. What do you recommend?

  2. It depends a little on which variety you get (Crema Mexicana, which is the most widely available, is fairly runny, like a thick buttermilk), but I use them in almost any situation I’d use regular sour cream: soups, tacos, mac & cheese, et cetera.

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