Calling all vegetarians…

my newly vegetarian kidAbout a month ago, my kid announced she was now a vegetarian.

She has made this proclamation before, although I suspect some of those announcements were part of a scheme to get me to buy some vegetable I’d recently declared to be out of season (e.g. asparagus), because said announcement was often followed by something like, “I just really love asparagus…”

In the past, she’s lasted a week or so, before, in her own words, “going back to being a meatatarian,” but this time it seems to have stuck, which is fine with us, her parents. Before we were parents, we were both vegetarians for years (and yes, we did serve a vegetarian meal at our wedding almost 10 years ago). We only broke away from full-time vegetarianism because I really, desperately wanted meat while pregnant with said kid (the irony is not lost on me). While pregnant, I ate enough roast beef sandwiches to make me think I might possibly give birth to a wolf pup.

Fast-forward to the present day and for the past couple years, we’ve only been eating meat once a week or so anyway, but this kid is really standing firm on her full-time vegetarian beliefs. (“I just feel bad for cows,” she says.)

Here’s where I need your help: I really need some new vegetarian recipes.

I kept a couple vegetarian cookbooks around even once I stopped being a full-time vegetarian, but in most cases, I’ve had these cookbooks for 10+ years already—if I was going to cook something out of them, I’ve probably already made it, tweaked it, and gotten sick of it by now.

My only caveat: an absolute minimum of soy products and/or vegetarian “fake” food. Things like soy “chick’n” nuggets, nutritional yeast “cheese,” seitan loaf… no thanks. Not because I believe there’s anything bad or inferior about them; I just don’t like them. Beans, eggs, milk, cheese, et cetera are all fine. Vegan cookbooks (like the excellent Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, which I really should buy already) are good too, as are recipe collections online.

So… help a vegetarian kid (and her mother) out? Leave your cookbook suggestions in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Calling all vegetarians…

  1. i’d second vegan with a vengeance but think veganomicon is even better. it’s cowritten by the author of VwaV and the author of viva vegan!, which is a great latin vegan cookbook.

    veganomicon is a sort of vegan joy of cooking and has lots of tips in addition to great recipes. there’s some REALLY great colder weather dishes in there; i’d check it out before fall hits!

  2. Sarah Kramer’s series of vegan cookbooks is excellent; I also like Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison–great assortment of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Dreena Burton has a wonderful series of vegan cookbooks.

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