Grocery Update: #3

Blue Ice CreamIs it just me or is this the Longest. September. Everrrr?

Let’s just get right down to it, shall we?

As of my last shopping trip(s), I was up to $164 (or 36% of my $450 goal) for the month. I didn’t need much for the week (as you’ll see in a minute) and only really needed to go to the Greenmarket.

Saturday, however, I found myself in absolute dire need of an ice cream sundae and made a quick trip to Pathmark for ingredients. Once again, I debated the inclusion of the sundae ingredients in my list of groceries.

“It is food,” my husband offered as a rebuttal, “and you did buy it…”

Damn him and his irrefutable logic.

So, here’s absolutely everything I bought this week:



    – 5+ lbs of apples
    – a small watermelon
    – a butternut squash
    – 2 lbs of potatoes
    – a pound of onions
    – a half-gallon of incredible grape juice from the grape guy

Total: $16



    – Breyer’s ice cream
    – Reddi-Whip
    – Magic Shell
    – a 12-can case of Pepsi Throwback (yessss)
    – two cans of black beans
    – a pound each of dried black beans and chickpeas

Total: $18


What I noticed this week:

Although I do buy some junk food, I buy less junk than I thought I did and almost certainly less than the average American. (A gallon of soda a week? For serious?)

Making a pot of beans on the weekend goes a long way towards meals during the week. I didn’t make my usual batch this weekend, and when I came home from class last night absolutely famished and didn’t have a ready-to-go protein in the fridge, I was a little frustrated.

Along those same lines, I should remember to have canned beans around. I threw some rice in the cooker and then used canned black beans + cumin + chili powder + ketchup (I told you it was my secret ingredient) = dinner in time to watch The Event on NBC (which was actually pretty good).


GRAND TOTAL TO DATE: $198 (44% of my $450 goal).

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