Grocery Month: the big finish

The threat of pouring rain is keeping me from my usual Thursday trip to the Greenmarket, so it looks like I’m done grocery shopping for the month.

However, my record-keeping really fell apart this week. For instance, I know I went to the Greenmarket but I’ll be damned if I can remember everything I bought.

Well, let’s get to it —


The dreaded Fine Fare (to which I made three trips):

    – a jar of marinara sauce
    – two loaves of sandwich bread
    – half-gallon of milk

Total: $9


Greenmarket (last week):

    – spinach
    – apples
    – sourdough bread
    – 3+ lbs tomatoes
    – Concord grapes
    – a tiny blueberry-apple pie we ate on the walk home

Total: $16 I know that’s how much I spent, but I’m certain I’m forgetting something.



    – half-gallon of milk
    – sour cream
    – about 0.4 lbs of olives
    – ricotta
    – 1/2 lb. sliced smoked gouda
    – 1/2 lb. sliced rosemary ham
    Lurpak butter for the butter bell
    – fresh handmade mozzarella
    – Better Than Bouillon’s Mushroom base (this post from Cheap Healthy Good convinced me to try it)
    – a cube of Monterrey jack cheese
    – 1lb of strawberries
    – a baguette
    – a dozen eggs

Total: $41


GRAND TOTAL FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH: $264 — a mere 59% of the $450 I had budgeted.


And what have we learned?

Making a month-long menu is incredibly helpful. I made one big trip to the distant-but-cheap supermarket and that kept me in staples for virtually the entire month. Google Calendar’s ability to drag and drop events (in this case, meals) from one day to another helped as well — it kept the schedule flexible.

We eat outside of the house a lot more often than I thought. I included a night of take-out once a week in my menu plan, but there were other times when we were all out of the house, on a weekend or after one of my classes, and the allure of a Maoz falafel was just too hard to resist. (Oh man, I would live at Maoz if I thought they’d let me.)

So, that’s that. Not nearly as hard as I thought!

Have any suggestions for the next challenge I should take on?
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2 thoughts on “Grocery Month: the big finish

  1. What a awesome series of posts! I have recommitted to healthy, whole eating for November (inspired by recent weight loss & my scary grocery budget!) And I love seeing how you do it. I can’t imagine having a store close enough to walk to, as I have to drive nearly 30 min. to get to one at all. You’d think that would make me be a better planner, but alas, it is not so… SO! Thanks to you I’m making a menu for the month to see how I do. Thanks! As always, love your blog.

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