Where did my week go?

It’s been one of those weeks where it’s not totally crazy or anything, but you’re just busy enough that you suddenly realize an entire week has gone by and you have no idea what you did with it but you do know there were like, five things you meant to do and haven’t done yet.

I, for instance, still have two books here that I need to mail out to winners (sorry! they’re on their way soon!) AND I never did post about the book I’m giving away later today. (That one can just be a surprise, I guess.)

I did, however, write up these two recipes (for which you’ve already seen photos) for my neighborhood’s newspaper (which reminds me of something else I keep meaning to do this week: throw out that half a jar of snot-looking Cheez Whiz in the fridge).

Meanwhile, for school, I wrote about 2,500 words on early school lunch programs and why school lunches probably wouldn’t have caught on if the Depression hadn’t happened (in brief, there was a bunch of surplus food, people with no jobs, and kids with rickets — and school lunches fixed all three at once).

My husband and I were talking last night about how unsatisfying it can be to work on something no one else will ever get to read, and then I remembered, oh right, I have a blog where people keep coming back to read shit that I write. So, here’s my paper (as a PDF). I’m working on not talking trash about my work when I present it to people, so this is me not telling you it may be a little boring.

Now, the post office. Seriously this time.

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