How I Homeschool My Kid: On Resources

I realized I still have a backlog of questions people asked — I haven’t forgotten! I’ll work through them one at a time in a continuing series.

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How much do you use virtual resources and how do you assess their validity / usefulness?

making a snow movieA couple years ago, a friend of mine (who’s an astronomy buff), sent us her set of The Standard Deviants’ Astronomy lessons. My kid was only about five at the time, so I put it on a shelf and sort of mentally filed it away as “resource to be used later.”

Not long after that, my kid went through a phase of being fascinated by the old VHS player. She watched some old Pokemon tapes we had and this Tenchi Muyo tape I bought when I was really into that show — and then she moved on to the Standard Deviants tapes.

She watched them a bunch of times and I honestly didn’t really think she was getting anything out of it… and then one afternoon, she walked into the bedroom, where my husband and I were sitting on the bed, and asked did we know that there’s a certain distance from a planet at which a moon can orbit a planet without being destroyed and if a moon goes beyond this distance it will break apart and become like one of Saturn’s rings?

She had just, rather succinctly, explained the Roche limit to us. At age 5.

And not because she was even all that interested in astronomy, but because it was a resource that was there for her to use. That was pretty much the end of me thinking I could know what resource is or isn’t “useful.”

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One thought on “How I Homeschool My Kid: On Resources

  1. Gotta love it when your kid surprises you like that! You never know what kids are going to latch onto, curriculum-wise. Sounds like those videos were very helpful if she picked up on a complicated concept like the Roche Limit!

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