Resolutions! Of! 2011!

I know I say this every year, but I do just love making resolutions. Every new year always  feels like, this is it! this is totally the year! i know it! big things are gonna happen, baby! And even though that has yet to actually happen, it delights me to think it’s possible.

So, without further ado, I give you this year’s resolutions:

  1. Make some local friends. I honestly have no idea how to go about this one but I’ve lived in NYC for almost five years and yet I only know about three people.
  2. Take a photo every day for a year. I already suspect this one will sputter out in less than three weeks, but maybe not. I think it may help that I’ve said I’ll take a photo — any photo — and not take one I feel is good enough to share.
  3. Find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year. Easy enough, right? Just need a notebook and a pen.
  4. Find a new apartment. Seems simple enough (I say now).
  5. Write one pitch a month. Is it bad that I already kind of dread this one? I know it’s something I ought to be doing, but the actual doing it will be hard.
  6. Take a yoga class. I took classes on a fairly regular basis about 10 years ago and I loved it so much. I keep saying I’m going to go back but the price scares me off every time. Maybe this should be “take a yoga class without going broke.”
  7. Buy more humanely-raised meat. After taking a course in the history of American agriculture this fall, I can’t bring myself to buy meat from factory farms any more. It makes me die a little inside to pay eight bucks a pound for ground beef, but I guess I’m just going to man up and get over myself.
  8. Go to the greenmarket more often. I’m going to try and go every week year-round instead of just in the summers.

What about you? Do you make resolutions?

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10 thoughts on “Resolutions! Of! 2011!

  1. Re: humanely raised meat. Do you have anyway of getting in touch with the farmers and buying direct? Pasture raised, grass fed beef over here costs close to the same if you buy retail, but purchasing direct from the farmer can lower the price to 5/lb. Depending on the farm, you might have to purchase a minimum amount and freeze. If you can find a local Weston A Price chapter, they can probably point you in the direction. Check in Yahoo groups for Weston A Price, or Nourishing Foods and Traditions. Farmers markets over here are a pretty good place to buy direct, too.

    1. I can already purchase the meat directly from the farmers at the city’s Greenmarkets — it’s really just a matter of figuring out which farms sell meat and at which market locations. I buy meat once a month (at most, usually less), so buying a share of a steer would just be way too much for us.

  2. My resolutions/things I vow to change/whatevers start being formed and acted upon toward the end of the current year and before the new year, usually.

    This year, some tweaks in eating habits have already been incorporated; I “found” an office in our tiny, tiny house (it’s in a long, narrow closet and is perfect for my needs) in November that I’ve already cleaned out, made mine, and started to use, especially for my radio projects; home improvement projects we’ve been putting off have started to get some attention. In terms of other stuff, I want to be a better steward of our house/garden this year, especially regarding food preservation; write more letters; do with my blog, sort of, what you’ve done with yours (I don’t like the word “platform”, but there it is); fear less. I’ve been more fearful as I get older, and there’s definitely HELLA BAGGAGE to jettison as I approach middle age. Why not 2011?

    There’s more, but that’s a start, and way more than you wanted to know!;)

    1. At the risk of sounding stalkery, you’d have to venture into some pretty lurid and/or disgusting detail before I’d say, “whoa-ho-ho! hey now! TOO MUCH.”

      Anyway, I def. hear you on the being fearful thing. For me, my fears comes in the form of my own head doing me in — you’re not smart enough, you suck, et al — and I’m working on finding a way to ignore that and (for example) go ahead and meet people or pitch story ideas or whatever anyway.

  3. To help with #1 and possibly #4 (unless you’re definitely looking at a different neighborhood), there’s a yahoo listserv for WaHi parents:
    It’s a great resource for kid/parenting-related info, a good place to find or get rid of stuff, etc. People post looking for or looking to rent/sublet apts, too. It’s maybe more of a virtual community than a real one, but I’ve found it very helpful at times.

  4. I also have a resolution about making local friends. All my friends are in the city, and the few local friends I have are moving to RI in a month or two (they all work for the same company that is moving to Providence), so I will know nobody in my town.

    1. I was thinking about this goal last night (or, rather, my brain made me think about it at 2am instead of sleeping) and I realized I have no idea where to start on this one.

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