My favorite posts of 2010

Here’s a quick look back at my favorite posts of last year. They weren’t always the most popular posts but these are all posts that I enjoyed writing or photographing.


lemon-garlic lamb with yogurt sauceIn which I have hopefully triumphed over February.
I know it may not seem like much to manage to cook something new but for me, in February, at the height of winter, it was kind of a huge deal. Coupled with with this was the fact the recipe I tried turned out to be spectacular and I’m happy with how the photo turned out (it’s so hard to get a good photo of meat), which made this one of my favorites of the year. It cheers me up just to see it.

Food blogger, meet food allergies.
This post was a long time in coming and it wasn’t an easy subject to write about without being glib or depressing about it. Eight months after writing this post, at least a couple of people still find it every single day, usually after searching for phrases like “stomachache after eating carrots” or “allergic to lentils?” and that’s incredibly gratifying to me, to think that someone might feel, I knew I wasn’t crazy; other people are allergic to this, too.

ridingA new (home)school year begins:
I’m still awed by the response I got to this post, because as I put it online, I really braced myself for a whole wealth of criticism and stupid remarks… and I didn’t get any (well, hardly any; I think there may have been one). Instead, I heard from loads of people who were either supportive or curious or both and it quite honestly restored my faith in people’s ability to be civil to each other (okay, their ability to be civil to me, I guess).

The Gezellig Manifesto
It’s technically not a post, but I’m still pretty fiercely proud of this piece. It marked a radical departure for the blog, both in subject and in tone, and I fussed over it for at least two weeks. I still refer to it now and then when I’m looking for ideas or if I just want a refresher on some of the ideas I’ve laid out.


Did you have a favorite blog post — here or elsewhere? One of your own, maybe?

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