Tom’s of Maine Deodorant : Is/Was It Good?

gross photo of great stuffSince giving up industrial-strength, chemical-laden antiperspirants some time ago, I have purchased many, many all-natural deodorants over the years.

I have tried deodorants that were about as effective as rubbing a handful of pine needles on my armpits.  I have used deodorants that seemed to work in the winter but left me reeking any day over 65 degrees. There have been deodorants that were so wet and runny, they ran off my pits and dribbled down into my bra, and those that were so solid, they didn’t appear to be leaving anything at all on my skin except abrasions.

Oh, and there was one all-natural deodorant that worked pretty well… and also turned the underarms of my favorite light blue t-shirt an amazing shade of magenta. Permanently. Still don’t know what the deal was with that.

Each of those deodorants have had their day in my bathroom — until their fatal flaw was exposed and they got pushed to the back of the medicine cabinet, where they would linger until I realized deodorants do not improve with age and then off to the trash they went. What a waste.

Therefore, this slightly gross-looking photo of Tom’s of Maine deodorant is probably the best endorsement for this product, simply because I actually used the whole thing.

Tom’s of Maine deodorants used to be very much of the pine-branch sort — absolutely frigging useless — but this formula actually works. I realize everyone’s pits are different, but this deodorant isn’t runny or weird-smelling (the lemongrass smells a bit like citrus and ginger) and, oh yes, did I mention it actually works? As in, it kept me from having wavy cartoon stink lines emanating from my underarms all the time?

Although perhaps I should say it did work, because Tom’s of Maine has (probably?) changed the formula of this again. It’s now “24-hour odor protection” instead of 12, which makes me think at least some part of the formula has changed. And frankly… I don’t really trust Tom’s of Maine when they change product formulas. They snuck sodium lauryl sulfate back into the toothpaste I used to get for sensitive teeth (it’s even still listed under the SLS-free toothpastes, despite the change), so I’m already eyeing this new deodorant with peevish suspicion.

So… is it good? Well, it was. Whether it’s still good remains to be seen.

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7 thoughts on “Tom’s of Maine Deodorant : Is/Was It Good?

  1. Good to hear! I’ve been using the Body Shop’s Deo-Dry for last few months, and I love it – a little goes a long way (I’m only on my second bottle, and I use it every day), and it really seems to work. However, my husband ended up using a ton of it, and still didn’t feel it worked for him. So maybe we’ll get him on Tom’s next :o)

  2. I like the lavender and/or the ‘Beautiful Earth'(whatever scent that is)…and it’s still good (for me anyway). I just checked my tooth paste…thanks for the SLS heads up…mad!

  3. Was very happy with the old formula, but not surprisingly, “24-hour protection” seems decidedly less effective than “12-hour care” was. I am on the lookout for a new product! Grrr…so irritating when a corporation messes with something that really did work, then has the nerve to put a perversely inaccurate spin on it!

  4. Thank you for the information! We have been trying to find the 12 hour for months now!. My husband swears by the 12 hour, but now with the change to 24 hour it is not effective at all. So disappointing!!

  5. I used Tom’s unscented natural protection deodorant for years and it worked perfectly. The new 24 hour protection formula doesn’t work for me at all. A couple of hours protection is all I get if that and I’m not an excessively sweaty person!
    Come on Tom’s, don’t mess with a tried and tested formula just so you can claim 24 hour protection!! You’ve lost my confidence in your product and sadly, my custom.

  6. Used Tom’s for over a month. 24 Hour Odor Protection, Calendula scent. Didn’t do anything but leave me with a stench that I never knew I had… Hm probably because it didn’t exist before Tom’s. Bad investment. Everyone’s underarms are different, but this isn’t the deo for me. I am now using Dove’s Clear Tone Skin Renewal which claims to restore dark or red/blotchy underarms to it’s natural tone. Hope this works!

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