On Guest Bloggers

Between moving to a new apartment and finishing off the semester, things are about to get pretty busy around here. So, as you might expect, posts will get a little sparse for a while until things settle down again.

In the meanwhile, though, you probably won’t be seeing any posts from any guest bloggers to fill in the gaps.

Why not?

Well, first of all, there’s the issue of control. While I’m not a control freak, I have spent some time cultivating the gezellig*girl brand (okay, not a LOT of time) and there aren’t that many other bloggers I know that I could feel comfortable with saying, “here, you drive for a while.”

That being said, there are a few bloggers I can think of that I would ask to take the reins — like Lisa from Major Progression or Terry from Blue Kitchen — but the point is, just because I like them doesn’t mean you will.

You’re here because (I presume) you enjoy my written company. I write stuff, you read it, we laugh… good times for all those involved. A guest blogger is too much like me calling you guys up and saying, “Dang, looks like I’m not gonna make it to our lunch date this afternoon, but hey, I’m going to send this complete stranger over in my place. Have a swell time!”

What do you guys think? Am I just being weird about this?

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5 thoughts on “On Guest Bloggers

  1. I see your point, but guest bloggers strike me as a step beyond a blog roll, the Netflix/Pandora/iTunes algorithm equivalent of “If you like this person, you might also like this person.” It’s a chance to try someone on. If we like said person, we can subscribe to their feed, too. If we’re not keen on their voice or style or whatnot, it was just one post. No harm, no foul. Kind of like a blind date. Might spark something. Might be “meh.” That said, I’ve never had a guest blogger, but with all the goings on in politics these days, I’ve brought up the idea with a friend who has very different political views. I think it’d be interesting to have him present a different take on things. My readers are mostly aligned with me politically. I think it’d be interesting to have a smart guy with a different take weigh in once. I’ll let you know if that comes to pass.

  2. I’m with you, not a fan of guest bloggers. I assume most people do it so their readers won’t forget to check in during their extended absence, but I read whatever my Google Reader tells me is new; whenever you get back, I’ll see it.

  3. First, holy carp—thanks for the huge compliment! But I totally get your point. When people come to Gezellig Girl, they’re looking for you. And while they may love reading every last person in your blogroll (although what are the odds?), that’s not who they’re looking for right then. It’s like ordering chocolate cake in a restaurant and having them set a slice of apple pie in front of you. It may be the best apple pie in the known universe, but that’s not what you had your taste buds set for.

    Take care of the move and the end of the semester. We’ll be here when you get back. Oh, and bring some chocolate cake—I suddenly have a hankering.

  4. I’m of two minds: On the one hand, a blog (particularly a food[esque] one) is a little like a chef-owned restaurant; you’re going there for what that person does with the material.

    On the other hand, a guest blogger is going to not only bring his/her own “brand” to the place, but in an ideal world is going to tailor his/her sauce for the house. If you get my meaning. I think there’s real value for both the blog and the guest if the deal is approached in that collaborative spirit.
    Said collaborative spirit, however, probably isn’t best nurtured under time constraints. So I’m leaning in the direction of “I’d rather wait for you.”

  5. I’ve never understood the point of guest bloggers. I RSS any blog I read so it doesn’t matter if they don’t post for a few months.

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