What’s happening!

[This post needs to be read with the ‘What’s Happening!!’ theme stuck in your head, I’m pretty sure. Maybe that’s just me.]


Having gotten yesterday’s sad news off my chest, I feel I can now get to the more fun details of what I’ve been doing in the past month.

At home:
The new couch, while completely delightful in every way, has a tendency to pick up cat hair like you would not believe, so I finally broke down and replaced my cordless stick vac with a real canister vacuum with all the attachments and whatnot.

Let me tell you: I. Love. This. Vacuum.

As in, I want to buy it flowers and take it on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park kind of love. Why? First of all, it’s bagless (because I would both never remember to get replacement bags and then I’d be so pissed every time I had to spend money just so I could do housework). It has a HEPA filter (awesome for me and my allergies). It’s considerably more powerful than that cordless thing I used to have. And lastly… I dunno, I just think it’s cute.

Around the neighborhood:
We’ve been eating a bordering-on-insane amount of take-out food lately: cheesesteaks, soul food, donuts… my god, the donuts.

We’ve been making regular weekend pilgrimages out to Dough. The donuts depicted here are, clockwise from top left: hibiscus with hibiscus flowers, chocolate chipotle, plain glazed, chocolate with cacao nibs, dulce de leche with toasted almonds, and toasted coconut. Not pictured are the Nutella cream[!] donut or the lemon meringue donut made with real lemon curd and crazy meringue that’s at least 4″ high. If you are anywhere near them (and at the risk of ripping off another donut’s slogan), it’s worth the trip.

I’ve been tracking all this gluttony on Yelp, rather than here, because I figured it was too hyperlocal to interest most people, but if you really want to know what I think of my local pizza place, hey… knock yourself out.

Otherwise, a number of blogs I’ve been reading seem to have hit a wall or just dried up completely (yeah, I’m looking at you, Cheap Healthy Good), so I’ve been scouting around for new reads. The only real gem I’ve dug up so far as been Handjobs (For The Home), which, yes, is totally SWF and gorgeous besides. The In The Home category of posts almost kind of makes me feel like I might possibly be able to do some of that myself. You know… maybe, once I finish The Great IKEA Assembly of ’11.

So! How have you been lately?

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3 thoughts on “What’s happening!

  1. That’s a great intro. Makes me wish I’d watch more “What’s Happening!!” back in the day.
    I think we’ve totally got you stomped on the vacuum front with our sebo felix but I’m very jealous of your high end doughnuts. Those look amazing.

      1. It certainly does. We got it after years of having crappy vacuums.
        Reading this also fills me with Samuel Jackson lines from Pulp Fiction, of course altered to include something about the vacuum.

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