Photo(s) Friday: Chickens!

Earlier in the week, I was sifting through the NYC Parks site, looking for stuff for my kid and I to do, when I saw this event:

City Chicken Institute: Children’s Workshop
Join farmer Bee Ayer from bk farmyards as she leads a series of workshops at the Schenectady Avenue Community Garden.

Huh, I thought. Maybe we’ll do that… oh, wait. Where’s the Schenectady Avenue Community Garden, though?

I clicked through to Google Maps to find OMG WHAAAAAT THAT IS THREE BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE.

If I remember right, they have around 50 chickens in this community garden, and collectively, they lay enough eggs for an egg CSA (which I am way WAY excited to join soon).

So, yeah. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy this new apartment. WELL I DO.

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