September: Locavore Challenge!

2011 Locavore ChallengsFirst, there was an earthquake, but it was small.

Then, a hurricane, which actually turned out to be not much of a hurricane after all but somehow that didn’t make anything better.

Mid-hurricane, the center bar of my bed supporting the mattress snapped (and not even from doing anything fun).

Next, a new school semester started for me. In the first 24 hours, I had dropped a class, added another, dropped the added class, and added a different class.

And, just this minute, as I started to write what else could this week bring? the cat threw up all over the floor.

Is this really best time to start a month-long locavore challenge?


More under the jump (and right after I clean up cat puke).

…I just went to clean the cat barf and I found two rubber gloves, both for a left hand. I am not a lefty. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS WEEK.

Anyway! Here are the terms of my challenge, and what I’m setting out to do:

Grow, Cook, Eat:

– Take a 250 Mile Day Challenge. I may attempt this one day a week for the whole month, but during at least one whole day everything will come from within 250 miles.

– Shop at a Farmers’ Market or Farm Stand. This one is pretty obvious.

– Sip on Local Milk, Juice, Beer, Wine & Spirits. Brooklyn Brewery. Done and done.

– Try Food Preservation. Remember I made the world’s tiniest batch of fridge pickles? Well, they were awesome and I plan on making more.

– Make your own Butter, Yogurt or Ice-cream. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at yogurt making for a while now, so this just gives me a push.

– Grow an Herb Garden. Not sure about this one; isn’t it a little late to start new plants?

– Compost your Kitchen Scraps. Ugh, I really need to find a new place to compost my scraps.

Join the Movement:

– Like NOFA-NY on Facebook and/or follow NOFA-NY on Twitter. Already did both of these, actually.

– Blog about your Challenge Experience. [waves]

– Read a Locavore Book. I’m reading Community Gardening (Brooklyn Botanic Garden All-Region Guide) right now. I guess that counts?

Take Action:

– Ask Your Representative To Support Organic Farming. No problem there.

– Start a Garden in Your Community or School. I’m already in the middle of doing this right now. Pretty sure it’s going to take more than a month, though.

– Donate to the NOFA-NY Farmer Education Fund. Although this was part of my original plan, the hurricane that barely affected NYC left upstate New York a wreck. Instead, I’ll be making a donation to GrowNYC’s Hurricane Relief fund for small farms affected by Hurricane Irene.

I’m also going to challenge you as well.

Pick one of my challenges from the “Grow, Cook, Eat” section, tell me about it in the comments section of a post or leave a message on Facebook, and be entered to win an copy of Cooking from the Farmers’ Market.

Here are the ways you can enter to win:

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4 thoughts on “September: Locavore Challenge!

  1. If you’d like to take a step up from the pickles in the preserving department, Ball has a low-sugar pectin now that’s conducive to making jam in small batches–as small as two jars, from about a cup and a half of fruit. With a basic canning kit ($30 or so on Amazon when I bought mine a couple years ago; it comes with a bunch of stuff but all you really need are the rack and the jar tongs) I can do 4 jars in my regular Dutch oven rather than my big canning pot. And jam has to process for only 10 minutes, so it’s not heating the kitchen unbearably.

    If you did that once or twice you could probably move on to canning tomatoes, which is messy but immensely satisfying. Though also hotter.

    1. I literally had a set of 12 canning jars in my hand at Target the last time I was there and then put it back, thinking I wouldn’t use it often enough for the amount of space it would take up. The minute I got home, I immediately thought of 5-6 things i could use them for. Anyway, I do think that if this community gardening project I’m working on comes to pass and I have a patch to grow stuff in, I’m almost certainly going to get some canning supplies.

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