Locavore Goal: Grow an herb garden.

giant mint plant

Well, it’s not an entire garden, precisely, but my basil and mint plants have grown exponentially over the summer. For instance, that photo of the jungle-like mint plant you see above was taken AFTER I had plucked about a cup-full of leaves off it (more in that in a sec). Between the two of them, they’ve supplied me with two of my favorite herbs all summer long.

Can I call this goal done? I’m going to say yes. And to celebrate, I give you a photo essay of one of my favorite things to do with mint. It’s a bit like a… tzatziki-in-in-a-hurry, when you don’t have time to grate cucumber, salt it, and let it sit for a while.

Details under the jump:

cup o' leaves

Pick off about a cup of leaves. I try to pick all the leaves that are bigger than the end of my thumb, so the smaller leaves have a chance to grow in.

ready to chop

Rinse and dry the leaves. Stuff them into a mini-chopper (or other food processor) with a clove of garlic, a little vinegar (or lemon, if this were not Locavore Month), and some olive oil (which is on my list of exception for the month). Pulse a few times until everything is chopped.


Get about a cup of Greek yogurt (or strain some regular yogurt yourself), preferably whole milk.

minty + garlicky + yogurty

Make the chopped up minty-garlicky bits go in the yogurt and stir. It tastes best if you can let it sit for a little while but it’s still good if you eat it immediately.

chickpea-tomato-cucumber-yogurt-garlic-mint dinner

Serve. I made a spicy chickpea salad with some cumin and tomato, over a pile of thinly sliced cucumber, and topped it off with the… fakeziki (which I now call copyright on, so HANDS OFF).

Almost halfway through the month already?! Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Cooking from the Farmers’ Market!

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