Wait, it’s October? October…THIRD?


In related news: hey, Locavore Month is over! First of all, congratulation to Shari for winning the copy of Cooking from the Farmers’ Market. I think you’re really going to like it, Shari.

Secondly, how did I do with my Locavore Month challenge? Well… not that great, to be honest about it.

I did accomplish the following…

But I did not

  • Sip on Local Milk, Juice, Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Make your own Butter, Yogurt or Ice-cream
  • Compost your Kitchen Scraps
  • Ask Your Representative To Support Organic Farming
  • Donate to the NOFA-NY Farmer Education Fund

(And as for “Take a 250 Mile Day Challenge”… I think I got this one done but I can’t remember what I ate for lunch that day so maybe not.)

 My final thoughts on Locavore Month:

Time-consuming. I don’t have a good-sized farmers’ market in my neighborhood any more, so getting local ingredients meant a 20-minute trip each way downtown (as well as subway fare there and back again). That got old fast.

Not as cheap as I expected. My old neighborhood’s Greenmarket is the thing (possibly the only thing) I miss about my old apartment. It was within walking distance and priced appropriately for the neighborhood. Twenty bucks went a lot further there than it does here. Maybe I just need to find a different Greenmarket to shop at.

Still pretty good, despite what I’ve just said. I’m still going to try making my own yogurt and I think I’ve found a place to compost my kitchen scraps, so it’s not as though I’m giving up on the goals I didn’t accomplish this month. And I do think it changed my shopping and eating habits to some extent. I’ve found greens like kale are generally cheap and healthy and you can sneak them into almost any food and I’ve baked two apple cakes in the last month which are now my new favorite thing ever.

So there you have it, my September 2011 Locavore Challenge Month: not too bad, I guess.

Onward to October! Did you know as of this month, my blog turns five? Five years and still complete blog-award free!  I was so afraid this blog would eventually be successful or something. PHEW.

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