Aw, pickles. :P

fridge pickles

For Locavore Month, I made another batch of fridge pickles. Three batches, in fact, after the success I had with my very first micro-batch.

The first pickles were great. This second batch… not so much.

I followed this formula from The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking blog and my results were underwhelming. Even after a couple of weeks, they were still somewhat bland and I don’t really know how it happened.

My only guess is that maybe because I used late-season kirby cucumbers that were bigger and seedier than the ones I used for the first batch, they leached water and diluted the brine (although the volume of liquid in the jar didn’t seem to increase).

Any ideas on what went wrong?

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2 thoughts on “Aw, pickles. :P

  1. What kind of vinegar did you use? White wine vinegar has more acetone, which gives you extra pucker. For refrigerator pickles I like to use a little more vinegar, little less water (just don’t go the other way unless you want them to ferment.) This gives them a little more kick.

    1. Acetone? Or acetic acid?

      I used apple cider vinegar (it was what I had on hand and I had success with it in my first batch) but yes, I think maybe the vinegar/water ratio was off.

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