Cheese is the new wine: Laughing Cow Light Cheeses

laughing cow lite cheese

[Have I really not done one of these reviews in over a year? Wow, I guess I need to step up my cheese consumption. POOR ME WHAT A PITY]

Well, after a summer of trying virtually every take-out place in my new neighborhood (how else was I going to find the best pizza place?) my skinny jeans and I were no longer on speaking terms. While I was counting calories until I could zip my pants again, I found these Laughing Cow light cheeses, which come in a half-dozen different flavors and are all 35 calories per wedge.

cheese + kavliOne or two these wedges on some Kavli or Wasa flatbread makes for a surprising filling lunch, although the quality really varies between the flavors.

The best of the lot was certainly the Garlic & Herb (and the French Onion, not pictured here), both of which were flavorful without being overpowering. (There are also tomato-basil and chipotle flavors I haven’t tried, but I suspect they would be as good.)

The Blue Cheese was more like Blue Cheese For Babies: not bad, but incredibly mild, to the point that you really needed a good imagination to believe it even was blue cheese. And the Creamy Swiss was just a disappointment, with a weird, funky-and-not-in-a-good-way aftertaste.

In the end, the true appeal of this cheese is the low-calorie aspect. Most cheeses are around 100 calories an ounce, and these wedges are about half that, with the added benefit that they can substitute in for virtually any cheese; I’ve read of people using these wedges on bagels, over pasta, etc. So, if calories are on your mind, I would definitely recommend these; and even if you’re not counting calories, I would still give the flavored varieties a try.

Ingredients: Varies from one flavor to the next, but the Light Swiss is Light cheddar, cheddar, Swiss and semisoft cheeses (cultured milk and skim milk, salt, enzymes), whey, cream, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate, salt.
Country of origin: USA (Kentucky).
Aged: N/A.
Price: Around $3 for 8 wedges (6 oz).
Final verdict: Good for calorie counters, maybe not for cheese lovers.

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