Hey baby, nice cans.

quart jars(Or are they still just jars until you actually can something in them?)

Well, whatever.

The story here is: I finally broke down and bought a dozen quart jars despite telling myself I had no room and no use for this many jars.

I did — barely — find enough room for them all. (I have them stashed in several locations, just so I could find a place to put them in my tiny kitchen.)

However, there’s still the matter of what to do with them all. I bought them to finally (FINALLY) try my hand at making yogurt which I’ve said I was going to try for ages now. But even if I bust out with a gallon of yogurt at a time, I’ve still got another eight jars hanging about.

I went ahead and donated to this Kickstarter project to create a mason jar cap with a spout (I know! super ingenious!) but I don’t see myself making a quart of salad dressing anytime soon.

So! Ideas for canning aside, how else should I put these jars to use? Suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “Hey baby, nice cans.

  1. On Pinterest, I’ve seen that you can cut the top off a salt container and use that with the ring to have a dry-goods-pour-spout. Got any bulk stuff (couscous? flours?) that would benefit from storage that way?

    1. Huh. That’s a pretty good idea. I wonder if it would make things salty, though. I don’t see how you could manage to get the salt off the container.

      1. Yeah, obviously nonwashable since it’s cardboard! I don’t know if you could adequately brush off all/enough of the salt once you cut the top part off – I haven’t tried it yet myself.

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