Cheese Is The New Wine: Double-Cream Cremont

double-cream cremont

When Google launched Google Offers — yet another Groupon clone — I rolled my eyes but still signed up for it anyway. After a week or two of pretty useless offers (save 50% on $400 of organic Tantric massage!), I finally got one that seemed to be aimed right at me: $30 for a $70 package of goods from Murray’s Cheese, one of my all-time favorite NYC institutions.

I paid my thirty bucks… and then pretty much forgot about it until about a week ago.

Flash-forward to last Friday — my birthday! —  and with my husband unavoidably out of town, I decided that this package deal (paired with a baguette, a brand new episode of Fringe, and maybe a beer) would make for a very enjoyable, low-key birthday dinner.

I was not disappointed.

In the Murray’s bundle was Double-Cream Cremont from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery. It’s made with cows’ and goats’ milks along with a bit of cream, and has a soft, wrinkled rind, which is a bit strong but edible.

Now, I know everybody else loves it, I have to admit, but Brie is not my favorite cheese. (Long story short: as a teenager, I was offered some Brie by a more worldly friend… who did not notice the cheese’s expiration had passed. Like, long passed.)

BUT! I think this cheese was just Brie-like enough to convert me. It’s not as runny as a Brie — in fact, it has somewhat chèvre-like texture —  but it’s… assertive like a good Brie is. Okay, it’s kinda stinky, is what I’m getting at. A good kind of stinky, obviously, but yeah, stinky.

The more I ate of it (and, oh yes, I ate at least half the package Friday night), the more it really grew on me. Really lusciously rich and creamy, I’m quite honestly sitting here looking wistfully at the empty packaging.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cows’ milk, goats’ milk, cows’ milk cream, culture, enzymes, salt.
Country of origin: USA [Vermont].
Aged: 80 days
Price: $10.99 for 5 oz. at Murray’s online.
Final verdict: Buy. I know it’s a little steep for a small cheese, but oh my goodness, really, go buy it.

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