Where did an entire month go?

garden collage

Well, most of it went right there.

After a number of really generous donations last month, we were able to buy a ton of stuff we needed, including the rakes and wheelbarrows you see being used above. Since then, we’ve built compost bins and started a weekly drop-off point for compost materials and had two major clean-up efforts. We’ve started a Change By Us NYC project and a Twitter account. We’re raising funds to build a combination greenhouse/chicken coop. Oh, and I gave a slightly dorky interview to a neighborhood news site.

It’s a bit like having a part-time job (although one in which I get paid in good feeling instead of actual currency) and I’m still working out how to balance it along with my home life and school and writing (not to mention the shameful amount of time I spend trying to beat my friends’ scores at Triple Town).

I’m sure it will all fall into place soon… right?

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