jan2foodA little more than two years ago, I declared it was Grocery Month! during which I kept detailed updates of all my grocery buying.

And looking at those posts now, I find it incredibly hard to believe I spent a mere $250 for an entire month of groceries.

I swear I spend double that now, for a number of reasons, some of which I’m still figuring out. For instance, there’s no Greenmarket in my neighborhood, so I’m at the supermarket at least twice a week, picking up fruit and vegetables which I will hopefully use before they become compostable. And while I’m there (yet again), there’s almost always some impulse buy: something on sale, something extra to add to one of the meals on my dinner plan, something I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it…

So, I’ve decided I’m going to track my shopping habits for a month or more (with no real spending goal in mind) just to see what I’m spending/buying. After that, I’ll see what obvious things I can cut back on or how I can spend differently.

My current shopping strategy is to draw up a dinner list (more on that) and then make my grocery list. After years of writing the same things on every shopping list, I went ahead and made a printable shopping and dinner list, which you are welcome to download as a PDF. (It’s obviously tailored to the things I buy, but if you’d like to tweak the lists, you can get it as a Google doc.)

And what is it I’m cooking and buying this week (so far)? Details under the jump…

roast chicken with carrots
homemade mac & cheese
pasta with meat sauce
pinto beans and rice
chicken fried rice
pinto bean chili


2 JAN 2013

3lbs of kosher salt
frozen strawberries
4-pack of canned tuna in water
frozen peas
loaf of french-style bread
a massive whole chicken
dried chickpeas
baking soda
grape juice
2 cans of oil-pack tuna
rolled grains for muesli
TOTAL: $42.78

3 JAN (yes the next day) 2013
another baguette
Lactaid milk
black olives
TOTAL: $12.31


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