Vaguely defined lists regarding 2013:

well hello 2013Okay, I realize we’re a week into the year, but for this first Monday morning of the new year, I’ve been thinking about 2013 and how I hope it’s different/better/the same as 2012.

Things I did in 2012 that I would like to do less of in 2013:

  1. worry (a lot)
  2. get upset over things I have zero control over

Things I bought in 2012 that I want to learn to make from scratch:

  1. enchilada sauce
  2. mac & cheese
  3. beef stock
  4. chili powder
  5. alfredo sauce
  6. Veselka’s Christmas borscht
  7. kimchi

Things I did in 2012 that I would like to do again in 2013:

  1. grow food
  2. tell people how to start a community garden
  3. read 100 books
  4. bring low-cost produce to my neighborhood
  5. hold some tiny chickens

Things that piled up in 2012 which need to be weeded out in 2013:

  1. all of our clothes
  2. blogs I read
  3. our bookshelves
  4. the spice rack
  5. the bin of cooking gadgets

Things I want to (and really should) do in 2013 which are overdue (and how long it’s been):

  1. visit my mom (15 months)
  2. go to Mitsuwa Marketplace (2-ish years)
  3. get an eye exam (6+ years)
  4. go on a vacation that does not involve visiting family, no offense to my mom (12+ years)
  5. take a yoga class (14+ years)

Things I ate in 2012 that I’d eat every goddamned day in 2013 if I could:

  1. Kyochon fried chicken
  2. Dill Triscuits
  3. Müller yogurts
  4. brisket on rye from David’s Brisket House

Things I purchased in 2012 that have already made 2013 so much better:

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Roku HD
  3. Orange-Clove candles from Mrs. Meyer’s
  4. Tetley’s British Blend tea

Things I hardly did at all in 2012 which I should try to do more of in 2013:

  1. sew (more than just fixing things)
  2. go to Coney Island
  3. take photos
  4. write
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4 thoughts on “Vaguely defined lists regarding 2013:

    1. I always feel I need to add a caveat to that vacation thing. I love my extended family, it’s a delight to spend time with them… I would just also REALLY like to go somewhere else, too. The last non-family vacation I had was my honeymoon! I suspect Facebook makes us all feel as though everyone is constantly going on vacation, too.

  1. Tetleys is only middling (in my opinion, although I am happy they brought back the Tetley tea men to advertise themselves). Yorkshire Tea is pretty good, plus they have a hard water version for the detail focussed enthusiast. Twinings everyday is my current favourite but it’s the most expensive as well. I guess this level of tea fixation is why English people take tea bags on holiday with them.

    Much like blokes, you really need to sample a full tea selection before you make a commitment. I can help with this. Tea, not blokes that is.

    1. I’m admittedly pretty slutty when it comes to my choices in caffeine but even I can tell most American tea is crappy. Beyond the basics like Tetley and Lipton, there’s a whole slew of overpriced imports and fussy, not-especially-good teas. I think Yorkshire is actually available at my local supermarket and will pick it up soon.

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