me and my cat Dinky
this about sums it up really

If you’re here, you probably already know me at least a little. You probably know that once upon a time (also known as 2006), this was a food blog. A few years later, it had gradually become a sustainability-slash-select-posts-about-my-life kind of blog. And then not too long after that, the posts suddenly dried up and this little site just sat idle for years… until one day, I started everything back up again.

What you might not know is that in that interim (nearly 7 years!) a lot changed. I stepped away from the community garden I founded. I got really sick and wrote a novel to keep my brain occupied while my body fell apart. I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and began to slowly get better. I signed with a literary agent who loved the book I wrote and sent it out to publishers. I finally got the first autoimmune disease under control and was diagnosed with a second one. I read a lot of rejection letters from publishers (too literary! not literary enough!) until gradually I accepted that I was never going to be published—and the enormity of that grief (on top of everything else the last few years had brought) completely overwhelmed me. I struggled through the worst bout of depression I’ve ever experienced until I finally went to therapy.

So…. obviously no one lives through a few years like that and is still the same person after, right?

I still have a spouse and a kid and two cats but different cats than before. I still like beets but now I need to check the low FODMAP diet list to see if they’re on the safe list. (Surprising answer: fresh beets, not okay, but canned or pickled are mostly okay.) I still try to live out my values every day but the things that matter most to me have changed. I am still refilling my inner well of happiness that completely drained away during the hard times but most days, it’s pretty full.