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    Photo Friday: Wash Week Continues


    To give you an idea of the epic mountain of laundry I’ve been doing, I’ve filled (and emptied!) that laundry sack four times this week… and I’d estimate I have another three more to do.

    Why am I so obsessed with this saga of laundering? Because, I will confide to you, my reader — I almost never finish anything. I have more 6″ scarves and cut-out pattern pieces than I would care to admit, because I suck at follow-through.

    Not this time, though. So help me, I will wash every goddamn item of laundry in this house.

    And once that’s done, doing the laundry once a week or so will be CAKE.

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    Photo Friday: Egg Congee

    Rice porridge with fresh eggs, soy sauce, and toasted oil

    My stomach’s been squidgy and unhappy of late, so I’m trying to cheer it up with this rice porridge made with fresh eggs, some soy sauce, and just a little toasted sesame oil. Eating it with the Hamtaro spoon helps, too.

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    Photo Friday: Cremas Galore

    cremas galore

    I’m a little obsessed with the different varieties of crema you can get in my neighborhood. In the past couple years I’ve lived here, there’s been a subtle shift in the population — Dominicans, once the overwhelming population of the neighborhood, seem to be gradually moving out, while more people from Mexico and Central America move in, which is reflected in the products for sale in the small supermarkets here. I think the Crema Salvadoreña is my favorite so far: so thick as to be almost butter-like but with a fantastic sour creamy tang.