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    Brave New Food: Bubu Lubu

    “I Eat It So You Don’t Have To” was too long, so until I think up something better, I’m calling this segment “Brave New Food” which I’m not 100% happy with either, but at least it’s shorter.

    Here’s the first item in this new series:

    bubu lubu

    Right on! Mysterious Mexican candy bar!

    Say, what’s in it?

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    Candy cane update:

    Whole Foods does, in fact, carry all natural candy canes under the Ashers All Naturals label. I stopped in the Union Square Whole Foods this past Saturday night (while out on a semi-annual date with my husband), where a very nice young man named Will brought us an assortment of candy canes from the back, as they weren’t out on the shelves yet. In short, they had mini canes, regular candy canes and big peppermint sticks.

    The candy itself is very lightly striped — almost pink — and, oddly, starts out with a somewhat fruity flavor, before becoming intensely minty towards the center. In fact, a recent consumer said, “Eeesh! It’s kinda minty, Mama. You eat it.”

    So, y’know, good thing I bought two boxes. Thanks anyway, Whole Foods Will!