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    The aforementioned best cookies.

    I’m not generally a chocolate chip cookie lover. I’m just not. They’re either too thin, too crispy, too doughy, too something and never in a good way.

    But it was Christmas and we heard Santa only really likes chocolate chip cookies, so I went looking for a recipe.

    Now, I love AllRecipes. Love it. It’s the first place I turn when I want to make something but don’t have a recipe for it. I love its “what can I make with this?” ingredient search; I love its rating and review system, and I love that the reviews are often more helpful than the recipe itself.

    So, when I saw a recipe for “Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie” with a 4.5-star average after over 1,700 reviews, I knew it was going to be good. What I got was quite possibly perfect.

    photo credit: MRSJENNY

    It was, well, exactly what it said it would be: the best, big, fat, chocolate chip cookie ever. Crisp exterior, chewy gooey interior, moist but not doughy — and huge. You dole this dough out in 1/4 cup blobs, which makes for huge cookies — the recipe only makes 18, which is good because they get pretty hard the next day. You can microwave them for about 10-15 seconds each, but obviously, it’s not the same.

    [Photo credit: MRSJENNY]