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Brave New Food: Bubu Lubu

“I Eat It So You Don’t Have To” was too long, so until I think up something better, I’m calling this segment “Brave New Food” which I’m not 100% happy with either, but at least it’s shorter.

Here’s the first item in this new series:

bubu lubu

Right on! Mysterious Mexican candy bar!

Say, what’s in it?


Jelly! And marshmallow! And chocolate… flavored coating. I don’t know about this one.

“Kristen! Hola! Over here!”

would bubu lubu lie to you?

“It’s me! Bubu Lubu, the cool logo guy! I am tasty and delightful!”

I dunno… jelly and marshmallow and chocolate? I think I got diabetes just talking about it.

“Look at me! I’m a fun-loving ghost or something! With a jaunty scarf and gloves! Would I lie to you?”

Okay, fine.

bubu lubu interior

It’s actually… good. The chocolate is obviously not great but it’s not bad, either. The marshmallow is good and the strawberry jelly is kinda tart, which keeps the whole thing from being too sugary.

Verdict: BUY.


  • Anna

    Kristin, I’ve got it! Bubu Lubu is a marshmallow covered in strawberry gloves and a strawberry scarf.

  • Kate

    I was in Honduras a couple of weeks ago. My friend Brad kept wandering in search of chocolate. He HATED the Bubu Lubu. To be fair, there’s no English on the labels down there, and he speaks zero Spanish, so I’m not sure he had the slightest clue what was in it before eating it.

  • Zara

    I loooove it! it is just perfect because eating one bubu lubu is just enough to fulfill that desire for candy!. I bet you have not seen this mixture of chocolate with jelly and marshmallow never before. I think that is why they have a sort of ghost as a logo. Oh and by the way, American candies are waaay sugary than Hispanic candies such as skittles and sour patches!