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I made pizza! It was easy! And it didn’t suck!

A couple of years ago, we were living in Massachusetts and squirreling every dime in the hopes of moving to New York. The pizza delivery guy was a distant, dim memory from the days of frivolous purchases like take-out, cable TV, or new underwear. Desperate for pizza, I labored over a batch of dough, then wrestled it into a pizza-like shape and attempted to be generous (but not foolhardy) with the cheese.

Before setting it in the oven, I did not think to check the broiler for, say, a piece of foil I’d left in there the night before. Which, naturally, caught on fire. Smoke billowed out of the oven. The pizza dough I sweated over, now gray and speckled with ash, slid unceremoniously into the trash.

Since then, the notion of making pizza has consistently been met with one thought: fuck that noise.

pizza dough that didn't suck

I don’t know why I decided to make pizza dough again, but wow, I am so glad I did. This recipe from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen is so unbelievably simple — the dough came together in less than 10 minutes in the food processor. I topped it with Swiss chard, red onions, tomatoes and goat cheese, which was… okay. A little bland, honestly, but the crust was terrific. In the oven for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees, then a little olive oil brushed on the crust once it was done. Super easy! And good!


  • Lola

    That pizza looks soooo good! You know, I have a pizza stone I’ve never used… Might have to break it out soon…

  • Dianna

    I love sun-dried tomato on a homemade pizza – they are such nuggets of flavor. I bet capers would go well with that goat cheese. mmmmm….capers…..
    Ok, I’m gonna go off and drool in a corner now and dream of capers…..

  • coffeetwit

    What’d you bake the pizza on? Baking sheet? Right on the rack? Foil?

    I keep thinking about going to Home Depot and buying tiles but the idea of carrying a box of tiles home, blech!

  • Kristen

    Did you sign in? I’m pretty sure you’re the only person who’s even tried to use it, so I have no idea if it’s you or the widget thing.

    I believe I let it rise for a little over an hour — the recipe said 1 to 1.5 hours so I think I split the difference.