Cheese Is The New Wine

Cheese is the new wine: Cambozola Gourmet Cream Cheese

As I sat down to type in the ingredients of this cheese, I realized this should have been my first clue: nine ingredients? Even the cheese spread I reviewed only had six.


I really wanted to like this Cambozola cream cheese. It’s made by Champignon, a name I actually recognized. I like most blue cheeses and I would probably eat a clod of dirt if there was enough cream cheese on it. This should have been a win-win here. But no.

So, what happened?

Ever order blue cheese dressing in a less-than-upscale restaurant? Cheap blue cheese has this… tang to it. Not a good tanginess, but a sort of sweaty-gym-sock-plus-metallic aftertaste, right?

I tried this cheese on a burger, on a sandwich, on its own, and I kept coming back to the cheap blue cheese dressing comparison. Worse, the more of it I ate, the more I thought, you know, I bet this is what spoiled cream cheese tastes like.

The best thing I can about this cheese? At least it was only a buck.

blue cheese + cream cheese = not good cheese

Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, blue cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, microbial rennet, cheese cultures, penicillium roqueforti), yogurt (pasteurized milk, yogurt cultures), milk protein, cellulose gum, salt, stabilizer (carrageenan, locust bean gum), citric acid, traces of dextrose.
Country of origin: Germany.
Aged: Unknown.
Price: $0.99 for 2.86 oz. at Fairway.
Final verdict: Pass.


  • Nadia

    That is so sad. I absolutely rate the regular Cambozola cheese in my Top One. As in The Yummest of the Yumsters. So much so that when we go to the States for Christmas, my husband buys a chunk and puts it in my Christmas stocking (not possible in Australia where it would end up more like your description of sweaty socks in the heat).
    Why, oh WHY????