My secret (breakfast) food shame:

My last secret food shame post is over two years old (and is the most commented post on this blog), so I think it’s time to confess another:

my secret food shame

Not even Golden Grahams but knockoff Malt-O-Meal version Golden Grahams. “Don’t eat the fake Golden Grahams,” my husband will warn my kid. “They’re Mama’s. And you don’t want to mess with her cereal.”

What’s your secret cereal shame?


  • Kristen

    Dianna: I actually do like Grape-Nuts as well. Living in NYC, I really miss Grape-Nut ice cream, which is evidently only a northern New England sort of thing.

    Tim: At the very last minute, I opted not to use the photo that was the bag of Honey Golden Squares posed next to the almost-empty bag of Coco Roos. We are also fans of the fake Lucky Charms in my house.

  • missourimom62

    I’m a huge fan of mixing cereals. I have something really good for me – Raisin Bran, or even just plain rolled oats — as the “base,” with maybe a couple of shakes of fake Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios on top.
    So far the contents of the bowl haven’t exploded, and it makes the sweetness a little less concentratedly guilt-inducing. And to me, it tastes better.

  • Alyce

    Grape-Nuts! I put a generous Tb of honey on top of the dry cereal and use the back of my spoon to mash it around. That distributes the honey evenly before the addition of cold milk solidifies it. Try it, it’s amazing. Also, I prefer my G-N and honey with sliced banana. Delish.

    Ok, and I’m not ashamed of this at all, but I adore Frosted Flakes.

  • Chrsitian

    I don’t have any shame in my crappy food choices. I might be ashamed of some bands in my MP3 collection but I will eat Crunchberries or Fruity Pebbles in front of everyone, all the livelong day. Living on my own with a restricted budget, I learned to love and value all the Malt-o-Meal knock-off cereals. If anything, I guess I’m not strictly proud of making a breakfast at two in the afternoon of the previous night’s pizza crusts and a tub of lemon frosting.